Monday, 11 April 2016

Packless Product Dealers Dubai

Packless Industries has remained committed to providing the air conditioning, heating and refrigeration industries with the highest quality fluid heat transfer parts since 1933. We are one of the world’s most trusted leaders in these industries, and often set the stage for industry development with our revolutionary product technologies.

We have made it our mission and number one priority to strive for excellence, and to provide quality products and outstanding service to new and existing customers. We focus on long-term customer satisfaction, and our commitment to quality is an essential repayment for customer loyalty.

Packless Industries supplies high quality fluid heat transfer parts and other special assemblies to the air conditioning, heating and refrigeration industries.

We strive to provide outstanding quality and response time to all of our customers through organization, professional management and friendly service. In addition, it is our goal to provide a clean, safe working environment that offers continuous opportunities to our staff and associates.

In summary, Packless Industries' mission is to provide the highest level of product quality and customer service with a focus on long-term customer satisfaction.

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Tel: +971 4 2283066

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